Why vacuuming your carpet is important. Carpet cleaning Longview TX

The main reason most of us vacuum our carpet is to remove the visible dirt. There are may more important reasons as well. Dirt is a carpet’s worst enemy. It is very abrasive to the carpet fibers and when weight and friction are added to the mix you get dingy & dark traffic lanes. I recommend to vacuum the carpet one time per week per family member. Vacuum medium and heavy traffic lanes more often. The reason you see the traffic lanes is because the fibers of the carpet unravel and become abraded. Light then refracts differently on the abraded fibers than on the non-abraded ones.

I suggest to vacuum the carpet frequently with a good quality vacuum cleaner. It is the easiest and best way to maintain your investment. Buy a vacuum cleaner with a CRI Seal of Approval. The cleaner you keep your carpet, the longer it will last. We all know how expensive it is to replace.

To wrap things up, vacuum your carpet frequently and have it professionally steam cleaned yearly. Ya’ll call and we’ll

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